"Do you know what that thing could do to you? Yeah, it'll grind your bones for it's bread."

–The angry mob regarding Shrek

The angry mobs are minor characters in the Shrek franchise.



An angry mob makes a brief appearance in the beginning scene after Shrek puts up the "Beware of Ogres" sign. As the mob starts to search for Shrek, he pops up behind them and roars and they all scream joining him roaring as the light from their torches goes out.

Shrek 2

Another angry mob makes a brief appearance in the same clothes holding pitchforks and axes (but no torches) in "Accidentally in Love," when Shrek and Fiona get married and they start to chase after them. As Shrek dangles upside-down, with his foot getting caught in a rope, Fiona attacks the mob with her super ogre kick.

Shrek Forever After

The angry mob from the first film makes a cameo in the Shrek Forever After (storybook) that Rumpelstiltskin was reading.

A mob comes to Shrek before the birthday party and ask Shrek to sign their pitchforks. One of them says that Shrek was really scary when he was a “real ogre.” Shrek later complains about them to Fiona after storming out.

In the alternative universe, a mob first appears during the "Top of the World" scene where they are hurling supplies to kill Shrek. A mob also appears in Rumpelstiltskin's village, where they are throwing tomatoes and other objects at Shrek on the witch caravan. The mob's last appearance is where they carry torches and pitchforks to capture and kill Shrek.

They last appeared with Rumpelstiltskin resulting the mob who captured prisoners disguised as ogres.

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