Black Knight is a character who only appears in the game, Shrek Super Slam. He debuts in the Story mode and is an default character in multiplayer mode. Black Knight is voiced by Max Koch. The Knight originates from the stock character found in various legends and stories, representing anonymous evil.


Black Knight is an evil knight who first appears in Pinocchio's story (entitled Fatboy Fury of Story mode). One night, he passes by Friar's Fat Boy, riding on his black horse with an axe in his hands, when Pinocchio asks what he would like to order at the ride thru. Black Knight then orders in a rather unintelligible language (most referred to as gibberish). This causes Pinocchio to interrupt him for not understanding gibberish and tempt him. Enraged, Black Knight destroys the Friar Tuck's menu, the wall and the wooden window's shutters on it at the ride thru. He confronts Pinocchio to which he responds with "We're closed". Infuriated, he threatens Pinocchio and engages him in battle.


Black Knight is seemingly stern, overall. He is only known to be still when ordering food by the ride thru. When he is tempted, he quickly resorts to rage and violence as when he destroys with his axe. This shows he is easily cantankerous and destructive. His anger when being insulted or lied to by Pinocchio suggests he intensely dislikes being deceived or ridiculed.


Black Knight, like most dark knights, wears dark medieval armor and a red cape. He carries a dark medieval axe, which, by its texture, seems very hard and heavy. His helmet has two horn-like pieces from each side. He has red glowing eyes, which suggests he may not be a human from inside, but rather an undead entity. Each of his large shoulder armors have two thick spikes on them. He also wears a small piece of dark cloth around his waist.


Black Knight is a skillful character and prominent in terms of strength and flashy use of his axe. He wields the axe, which is his main weapon of choice in battle. His moves with it are versatile, varying from simple swings to complex combos of heavy and light stuns.

His slam is the Seismic Smash. He slams down his axe which creates a flowing beam of darkness accompanied by a fog in shape of a skull. Black Knight slams down his axe three times in each attempt of a slam.

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