Bo Peep is a character who appeared in the Shrek X-Box game and its GameCube port, Shrek Extra Large. She is one of the first characters to interact with Shrek when performing good deeds.

Role in the video games

Bo Peep's role in both versions of the Shrek video game are identical. She tasks Shrek to find her sheep and put them in the field where they are being harassed by a werewolf.


  • She was referenced a couple of times in "Swamp Talk".
    • The episodes were "Shronkey Slang"/"Swamp Slang", and "Why You Shouldn't Share Your Room".
  • She often gets confused with Mary and her little Lamb.
    • It's evident in the film Puss in Boots, where an orphan girl has a similar outfit to that of Bo Peep. However, the girl only has one lamb, implying that it is not Bo, but Mary instead.
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