Butter Pants is a minor character appearing in Shrek Forever After.


Shrek Forever After

At the ogre babies' first birthday party, Butter Pants and his father try to get Shrek to do his ogre roar (which has now become popular), but Shrek respectfully refuses, stating that he only does it when he's very angry and that he doesn't like it when he gets angry at others. Regardless of that, Butter Pants demands Shrek do the roar. When Shrek finally grows frustrated of Butter Pants's annoyance along with other frustrations including a ruined cake among other things, he finally does a loud ogre roar, which makes Butter Pants, his father and Shrek's other guests cheer, along with his statement to his father: "I love you daddy."  He is 7.

In the alternate universe, he, along with his father, is seen with a giant green troll which he thinks is Shrek. They have brought it to Rumpelstiltskin so they could get the "deal of a lifetime", but Rumpelstiltskin knows it's not Shrek.

When Shrek is transported back to the real Far Far Away along with Puss in Boots, Donkey and Fiona, he is back in the party scene which picks up from after Shrek did his ogre roar and at that point, we are able to hear Butter Pants speak again.

During the end credits, he is riding on one of the Dronkeys' backs.


Do the roar

"Do the roar."

Butter Pants is a short, obese child who resembles Louie Anderson in looks and voice. He is seen wearing a gold outfit and carrying a giant lollipop. He talks in a grating monotone voice, and sounds nasally.


He seems to be a bit of a spoiled brat, as he desires to hear one of Shrek's roars, despite learning from Shrek that he only does it when he's angry. Despite being a bit bossy, he did have a more compassionate side, as he was seen hugging Donkey, and after Shrek roared, he told his dad he loved him. Butter Pants also has short, light yellow blonde hair and wears a brown hat.


"Do the Roar!"
"Do it!"
"Hey, he's getting away and doing something!"
"Don't like it!"
"I love you Daddy!"
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