The Carriage Rider is a position in the Shrek films. They help guide the horses who are pulling the carriage.


At the end of the film one of The Three Blind Mice was turned human by one of The Fairy Godmothers. He was assigned to be the carriage rider for the newly weds, and retained his sunglasses.

Shrek 2

During the beginning, an unnamed dwarf rides the Onion Carriage from the first film. He helps Shrek and Fiona travel to Far Far Away, and even got irritated by Donkey's impatience. Eventually they make it to the kingdom, where he payed a man to clean a horse and parked the car. However, he was not seen again after doing so.

Shrek Forever After

In the opening, two human carriage riders are guiding the king and queen to the Crone's Nest to meet with Rumpelstiltskin.

In the alternate reality, two witches are riding a cage containing Shrek. This carriage was also being pulled by an abused Donkey, who also takes role as the radio.

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