Cookie is an ogre and a chef for the Ogre resistance in Shrek Forever After. Food is his only weapon against the witches and Rumpelstiltskin. His signature dishes are chimichangas, of which he catapults at the witches during the final battle.


Shrek Forever After

In Shrek Forever After, Cookie prepares a giant dinner before the great fight of that night. He also makes a figurine of himself with a foodstand for if the ogres get hungry after the battle, but this idea was scrapped by Fiona and they continue with the real plan. He also appears in the last scene where he sings along with Brogan and Gretched.


Cookie is a large male ogre, who has a goatee and dons a chefs hat, an apron, and a single earring on his right ear. Cookie is very recognizable due to the garlic he has tied into his goatee, and his lack of a neck. He is chef to the Ogre resistance.


Cookie is a very outgoing and friendly Ogre. His specialty is chimichangas and he loves feeding his Resistance comrades, which is evident enough when he constructs a mini chimichanga cart to put into Fiona's strategy board. Cookie also enjoys the dance he is forced to do when the Pied Piper bewitches them, even though the other ogres don't find it fun at all.