Cute Eyes

Cute Eyes is a tactic Puss in Boots often employs in an attempt to manipulate someone into doing what he wants. He widens his eyes and dilates his pupils, staring intently at his target, imploring them to trust him and/or voicing his wishes until they are helpless to resist. It doesn't always work, however.

Kitty Softpaws is familiar with this trick too.


Shrek 2[]

Before Shrek and Donkey head over to Fairy Godmother's cottage, Puss claims that he owes a debt to the duo for sparing his life. Despite Donkey's resentment, Shrek is taken over by Puss' cute eyes. Thanks to this tactic, the ogre gladly lets Puss tag along with him and Donkey on their adventure.

When Shrek, Donkey and Puss make their way into the Far Far Away Palace, the guards try to stop them. Puss makes the move to fight off the guards so Shrek can stop Fiona from kissing Prince Charming. He then uses his cute eyes to charm the guards, who are taken by Puss' cuteness. After a few seconds, he charges at them and begins fighting them.

Shrek The Third[]

When Shrek tosses Puss out onto the window ledge, he attempts to use his cute eyes tactic to be let back in. However, Shrek shuts the blinds on him, unaffected by the eyes.. Later on, Puss (in Donkey's body) attempts to use his cute eyes on a group of guards, albeit in an unattractive manner. The guards are immune and one even makes the threat to kill him.

Shrek Forever After[]

After Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss escape Pied Piper, they wash up on ground near a riverbank. Puss tries to lick his fur, but he is unable to reach his back due to his blubber. He then tries to ask Donkey to lick him with his long tongue, to which he resents. He tries to use his cute eyes to persuade Donkey. After trying to hold up, he caves in and prepares to lick Puss' fur. They are soon interrupted by Shrek and Fiona's argument.

Puss in Boots[]

When trapped in San Ricardo's jail, Puss tries to get the guard to release him by making Cute Eyes. He is able to woo him into dropping his weapon and getting the keys ready to open the door. However, the guard is able to resist by using his spray bottle on Puss.

Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos[]

Puss tries to make the trio of kittens abide to his wishes by using his cute eyes. The cunning kittens however use their own cute eyes onto him, causing a battle of cuteness to ensue. By accident, sand is kicked into Puss' eyes, creating the illusion of stars in space. This causes the kittens to faint from the overwhelming visuals.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish[]

Puss and Kitty demonstrate Cute Eyes to Perrito, each adding their own little touches to the technique: Puss fluffs his beard put, while Kitty "makes biscuits" (kneads her paws). Perrito gushes over their cuteness and passes out from the excitement. The dog strains too much in his initial attempts and pops one eye out, making him macabre rather than cute. Kitty tells him he'll give himself a hernia.

Later, when Perrito tries the same move on "Big" Jack Horner, he claims it won't work because he's soulless. Perrito gives himself a nosebleed in the process.


  • This tactic has appeared in almost all the major film installments, the obvious exception being Shrek- which was before Puss in Boots' character was introduced.