The Dronkeys are the six known children of Dragon and Donkey, referred to by Donkey as his "little mutant babies". They were briefly introduced at the end of Shrek 2, but more prominently appear in Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, and Shrek Forever After. Their names are Debbie, Coco, Bananas, Peanut, Parfait and Eclair.


Shrek 2

The Dronkeys first appear during the ending scene alongside their mother, who had been keeping their arrival a secret from their father. They fly onto the scene after her and happily tackle Donkey, who is overjoyed to find out he's become a father - though he also notes that becoming a father means he needs to get a job.

Shrek the Third

The Dronkeys appear early in the movie, with Donkey letting them into Shrek and Fiona's room at the beginning where they cause chaos. When Shrek has to leave on a voyage to find Artie accompanied by Donkey and Puss, the Dronkeys sadly see their father off alongside their mother at the port, where Donkey reminds them to behave and stay strong, before relenting and telling them to give him a hug.

Later, when Prince Charming seized control of Far Far Away and imprisoned Shrek's friends, the Dronkeys would be caged in a zoo to be ridiculed as freaks. They end up being rescued by Donkey and Puss, and they mistake Puss for their father due to the body-swapping effects of Merlin's magic and affectionately dogpile him - though they are confused when they recognize their father's voice coming from Puss's body. At the end, they are shown to become good friends with Shrek and Fiona's own triplets.

Shrek the Halls

The Dronkeys made brief appearances throughout the special. Some are seen outside playing with their mother and others are inside playing with the three pigs and Felicia gives her bottle to one of them.

Shrek Forever After

They make brief appearances in the fourth film, primarily seen having play dates with the ogre triplets. They are also present at the triplets' birthday party. Like the triplets, they don't exist in the alternate universe because their parents never met.

Video Game Appearances

An unspecified Dronkey is a secret playable character in Shrek Super Slam, where their Super Slam involves spitting a barrage of fire around the arena. The Dronkeys also appear in Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk as limited dragons.


Full of energy and with a destructive combination of childish energy and the abilities of a dragon, there is never a dull moment with the Dronkeys! As they mostly only appear in a group alongside their parents, the Dronkeys' individual personalities are never explored to a great degree, but as a group they are shown to be fun-loving and energetic as most children are - combined with their flight and fire-breathing, this can result in them causing quite a bit of trouble for others, with them having been shown almost burning their father with their breath on at least one occasion. Despite these manic and destructive tendencies, however, the Dronkeys are playful and affectionate creatures who do not mean to cause any harm, something best in their relationship with their father Donkey, who they happily tackle to the ground in affection.

Whereas Shrek was very nervous to become a parent, Donkey's personality made him a natural fit for raising the Dronkeys, as his exuberance and talkative character meant he could keep them amused, and he was more willing to go along with their games. Seemingly the only downside of Donkey's parenting is that he doesn't have much control over the Dronkeys, resulting in them spreading havoc and occasionally irritating people, compared to Shrek and Fiona's loving but more assertive personalities resulting in their better-mannered triplets. Regardless, the Dronkeys are shown to get along well with the ogre triplets, and despite their boisterous antics they still listen to their parents and are loved by them dearly.


  • In the commentary for Shrek 2, filmmakers stated that Dragon's storyline was drastically changed during the jailbreak scene, with the original story involving Dragon appearing as a talking pegasus horse (because Donkey drank the Happily Ever After potion, she would have been changed by it too). Filmmakers have stated that part of the reason this idea was nixed was due to the difficulty in having Dragon keep the pregnancy a secret when she was talking.
  • With the exception of Debbie, each of the Dronkeys is named after a food item, with one of them in particular possibly being a call-back to Donkey's memorable conversation about parfaits during the first Shrek film. However, Debbie could be a reference to the popular snack cake brand Little Debbie's.
  • Donkey and Dragon's daughter, Eclair, has been missing since the beginning of Shrek the Third. Please contact them if you have any information on her whereabouts.
  • If you watch the Dronkeys and Ogre triplets carefully throughout the course of the series, one can see that they are aged perfectly in real time, truly showing dedication.