Dulcinea is one of the main characters in the Netflix exclusive TV Show The Adventures of Puss in Boots.


Dulcinea is smart and independent, and when she decides she's going to do something rabid mules couldn't stop her. She is also quite naïve, almost bullheadedly so nothing will sway her from her rosy view of the world. Dulcinea only sees the best in people and often her relentlessly positive opinion brings out the best in them.


  • Dulcinea is a rare name given to women and is Latin for sweetness. The name was created by Cervantes's Don Quixote for his idealized lady.
  • She admits in episode 8 and 11 that she sometimes chases mice but isn't proud of it.
  • Her eye twitches whenever she lies.
  • Her favorite author is [Andante|Miguela Andante]
  • There currently appear to be two existing Dulcinea's, one which entered [Lorenzo|San Lorenzo] and the other which rode off with Puss  into the sunset at the end of the series.
  • It is unknown if Dulcinea was sent back into her own body, like [in Boots|Puss], or sent back separately causing one Dulcinea to stay in San Lorenzo and the other to leave with Puss.
  • She only has four fingers.
  • Dulcinea is the white tulpa.
  • Being that of Dulcinea’s status of the white tulpa, she was created by Sino to protect the Arcanum.
  • However, unlike Orange and Cleevil, Dulcinea has her own destiny.
  • Dulcinea's Tulpa powers are supernatural strength, speed, and agility.
  • Dulcinea was trained by Puss to fight.
  • In the episode [[1]] and [(Episode)|Scimitar], Dulcinea was given a magical sword that empowered her ability's.
  • Dulcinea presumably left San Lorenzo in “And, Having Writ, Moves On.”
  • Dulcinea loves the book “The Wee Compendium Of Facts And Funne.” She has based her life on it.
  • Dulcinea often uses The Wee Compendium Of Factes And Funne’s wisdom to help problems in her and those she cares about’s lives.
  • Dulcinea appears to voluntarily work at the orphanage.
  • Dulcinea may possibly bleach her fur.
  • Dulcinea, depending on Sino's life force and how she became the only real living being amongst the three tulpas, is the daughter of Sino.


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