Duloc Cathedral.png

The Duloc Cathedral (or The Westminster Shabby Cathedral) is Duloc's local church. It was where Lord Farquaad held his wedding with Fiona. Here he would also finally be crowned king, turning the lordship into a real kingdom. This didn't last long, as Shrek broke in and called off the wedding. Once Fiona revealed her curse, Farquaad ordered his guards to attack, only for him to be eaten by Dragon.


The cathedral is constructed similarly to the Duloc Castle. Having a rectangular structure, making it look like a stack of blocks. Unlike the castle however, there are stained glass windows, mostly featuring Farquaad in knight armor.


The only glimpse of the church's interior is the chapel, where the wedding was held. Much like the rest of Duloc, it is extremely square and rectangular in design.


  • In the Shrek 4-D queue, the name of the church was revealed in Shrek and Fiona's scrapbook; The Westminster Shabby Cathedral.
    • Its name is a pun on the real-life cathedral, Westminster Abbey.