The Duloc Guards are guards that served Lord Farquaad.



The Duloc Guards are loyal to Lord Farquaad and carry out his will without question. They are first seen rounding up fairytale creatures into wagons and cages with the purpose of removing them from Duloc and into Shrek's swamp. After Donkey escapes capture, the Captain and a group of guards chase after him but end up running into Shrek. When the Captain orders Shrek and Donkey to be arrested, the guards flee in terror at the sight of Shrek.

Some guards are present in the Duloc dungeon when Farquaad receives the Magic Mirror. They argue over which bachelorette Farquaad should choose before he selects Princess Fiona. Two stand guard with Farquaad at his tournament, and more take aim at Shrek and Donkey with crossbows at Farquaad's orders.

A group of guards accompany Farquaad when he goes to exchange the deed to Shrek's swamp for Princess Fiona. A host of guards stand outside the Duloc cathedral at Farquaad and Fiona's wedding, but scatter after Dragon lands next to them. After Fiona reveals her true form, Farquaad has his guards seize both Shrek and Fiona. When Dragon bursts in and eats Farquaad, most of them run away while the others stand in shock. A few guards are seen attending Shrek's wedding, seemingly having made peace with the fairytale creatures and Shrek.


  • The guards all wear identical uniforms of full plate armor over black clothing.
  • Despite their armor, the guards are never referred to as knights unlike the knights in Farquaad's tournament.
  • The weapons they are seen carrying include spears, shields, axes and crossbows.
  • Despite being guards they sometimes don't carry any weapons at all.
  • As they are never seen after Shrek, their fate is unknown.
  • The guards of Far Far Away as seen in Shrek 2 share the same armor.