The Duloc dolls (also known as the Clockwork Chorus) are singing animatronic puppets located in Duloc. They also appeared in the movie short, Scared Shrekless, and had a brief cameo appearance in Shrek the Halls.



When Shrek and Donkey enter Duloc for the first time, the dolls welcome them by singing a song about Duloc after Donkey pulls the lever to try it out. At the end, Donkey is highly amused by the show while Shrek is befuddled, which shows up on an instant photo the booth prints out at the end.

Shrek the Halls

Some of the dolls can be seen on the "Waffle Santa" float in Donkey's imaginary story, singing "Waffle Santa" to the tune of Handel's "Messiah". They are also much bigger than the ones seen in Duloc.

Scared Shrekless

The dolls appear, deformed and barbaric, singing their original song, but with varied lyrics. The dolls explode and break in various ways during the song, and occasionally attack each other as well. This time, Shrek is amused by the show while Donkey is horrified, which shows up on another instant photo.

Shrek the Musical

In the stage musical adaptation, the dolls are portrayed as the full-size humanoid "Duloc Dancers", who sing their song and then lead into Lord Farquaad's song "What's Up, Duloc?" as they accompany him.


The dolls appear to be quite friendly to anyone, including ogres, and like to sing. It is unknown whether they are sentient like Pinocchio or are inanimate robots; however, the self-aware nature of their Halloween show and propensity for attacking each other, especially considering the lack of maintenance to Duloc or any of its attractions, suggests some degree of sapience.

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