The Evil Queen, also called the Wicked Witch, is a minor antagonist in Shrek the Third. She is based on the character from Snow White.


Shrek the Third

The Evil Queen first appears shooting pool at The Poison Apple. She is persuaded to join Prince Charming in his plan to take over Far Far Away after she realizes how unfair it feels that Snow White was voted "fairest in the land". 

At the climax of the film, when Charming summons all the villains to subdue the heros, she threatens Queen Lillian by holding a dagger to her throat. However, after Arthur assures everyone that they can choose to do other things besides being evil, the Queen admits that she has always wanted to open a spa in France, thus becoming good. 

Swamp Talk

The Evil Queen was mentioned in the episode "Shrek's Hiccup Cure" as an attempt to scare Donkey. She would later be referenced again in "Poison Apple Pie". The episode has Donkey accidentally eat her Poison Apple pie, causing Shrek to become paranoid. Thankfully, donkeys are immune to poison apples.

Video Game Appearances

The Evil Queen appears in Shrek the Third the video game as one of the bosses Shrek and his team have to defeat.

Speaking of video games, the Disney version appears as an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, with Susan Blakeslee doing her voice again.


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