From left to right: Puss', Fiona, Donkey, Tinkerbell, The Three Blind Mouse, Magic Mirror, Gingy, Shrek, Doris, Three Little Pigs Charming, Hook and the Big Bad Wolf

Far Far Away Idol
is a special feature segment shown on the Shrek 2 DVD and VHS.

It takes place before Donkey discovers he is a father, and after the "Livin' La Vida Loca" finale.


When Donkey and Puss are still singing, Shrek and Fiona come walking towards them. Gingy asks if they wanna quit because it's giving him a headache. Fiona says that they are actually "not that bad". Simon answers that they should take that as a compliment, but says he has seen better. Shrek answers that the competition hasn't started yet, but Simon replies with that it is just the way he is. Shrek asks if everyone is ready for a competition. The watcher has the option to vote for who they want to win.  If the viewer chooses Donkey, Puss, or Shrek & Fiona, the winner will perform an encore. If another winner is selected, Simon Cowell will protest, and sing a rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way". Then they play the Shrek 2 End Credits running all the way up to the end and The Magic Mirror says "Ladies and gentlemen out time is up here but we hope to see you next time on Far Far Away Idol." 
The feature is also available on Netflix, but removes the voting options so that it skips to the revealing point, with Simon Cowell winning. if you choose Pinocchio Simon Cowell says no, you got be joking if you choose Ugly Stepsister Simon Cowell says Sorry that is complete rubbish if you choose Big Bad Wolf Simon Cowell says Impossible I won't allow it. if you choose Prince Charming Simon Cowell says please I don't think so. if you choose the 3 blind mice Simon Cowell says Sorry I'm afraid you choose wrong. if you choose Gingy Simon Cowell says (scuffs) now you're being ridiculous. if you choose Captain Hook Simon Cowell says That is just wrong.




Contestants and Songs


  • For the VHS version of Shrek 2, the ending features a now defunct web link to the official "Far Far Away Idol" page on the official Shrek website.
  • An online competition took place later, with the public voting. Eventually, Doris (one of the contestants who would if voted for on the DVD cause Simon Cowell to sing) was voted the winner.
  • When "Shrek 2" was released on VHS and DVD with this short, there was also a CD released called "Shrek 2 Party CD" which featured some of the songs from "Far Far Away Idol", including instrumental versions of the songs on the CD ("Disco Inferno", "These Boots Are Made For Walking", "I Can See Clearly Now", "Hooked On A Feeling", "I'm Too Sexy", and "What I Like About You").I
  • The website has expired due to the year of 2004.


Far Far Away Idol

Far Far Away Idol

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