The Far Far Away Palace is the home of the Far Far Away Royal Family and their servants.

Land Exterior

The palace contains many erect towers, keeps, fortress, drawbridges, etc.

In Shrek the Third, it had a garden stretching out to the sea, which is on top of a huge grand balcony shape like building on the cliffs. Another detail is, Dragon often stays in the open courtyard sticking her head in and out of her children's window usually reaching up to the ground and first floor. Also, the Far Far Away Palace is home to a pond with a statue of the deceased King Harold. It has 108 turrets and has a moat, which has a bridge connecting to drawbridge.

Palace courtyard

Also, there is the courtyard, the site of Shrek and Fiona's appalling arrival.

The Far Far Away Palace is the closest structure to the Far Far Away sign and surrounded by mountains and is reached by a road from the town. Under the cliffs where the castle is located, there is a small pier that works as a port for boats (and ships, too) on sea.


The Ground Floor consists of:

  • The Dining Room, site of the dinner fight between Shrek and Harold.
  • The Library
  • The Study
  • The Banqueting Suite

The First Floor consists of:

  • Fiona's Bedroom, which has a balcony.
  • Donkey's Room, which isn't seen in the Shrek series.
  • King Harold and Queen Lillian's bedroom, which has a balcony and some doors.
  • King Harold's deathbed room.
King's room

Harold's deathbed

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