Lord Farquaad and mirror

Notable family member, Lord Farquaad.

The Farquaad family is a family of nobility who reign over Duloc. They reside in the Duloc Castle. Lord Farquaad is the only known member of his family in the films. No mention of relations were established aside from his brief time with the Pendragon family before death and the White family through association.

In Shrek the Musical, he was the offspring of Pea and Grumpy. This establishes the reason for his extremely short stature, being a half-dwarf. Although since the musical isn't typically seen as canon, this likely doesn't apply to the first film (as he was short for a different reason; see: Adult Humor).

Notable family members

  • Pea (musical only): Former Princess of Duloc and Farquaad’s mother.
  • Grumpy (musical only): Widowed husband of Pea and Farquaad’s father.
  • Lord Farquaad: Former Lord and briefly King of Duloc.
  • Fiona: Briefly the wife to Farquaad and Queen of Duloc before Farquaad gets eaten by Dragon.
  • The Seven Dwarfs (musical only): Paternal uncles to Farquaad.

Related families

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