"Fiona's Prologue" is a scrapped opening scene from Shrek, presented by David Lowery. It was meant to be an homage to the old black-and-white horror films; featuring creepy shots and an unsettling narration.



Dama Fortuna

In this scene, a fortune teller named Dama Fortuna narrates the story of a cursed princess through Tarot cards.

It was long ago that the King and Queen of Duloc were blessed with a child named Fiona. To their dismay, she was born an ogre, and was locked away in a heavily secured tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. After many years, the king and queen passed away, leaving their kingdom open to an ambitious regent.

Throughout the scene, Fiona is shown to have escaped the Dragon's Keep, and comes across the fortune teller, Dama Fortuna. Desperate to live happily ever after, she offers her two potions; Happily Ever After, or Beauty. Fiona goes for the latter, hoping to find her own happy ending with true beauty. When she drinks it, she's still an ogre, but is told that during the day, she will become a beautiful princess. However, she'll go back to being a monster at night. She proceeds to run off, but Dragon finds her and returns to the tower.


The fortune teller that inspired Dama Fortuna.

Fortune teller from Shrek!

  • Dama Fortuna in this scene was based on the fortune teller from the Shrek! book by William Steig and was heavily retooled as Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2.
  • Dama Fortuna was going to be voiced by Linda Hunt.
  • The tone and feel appears to be similar to that of the 1941 classic, The Wolfman.
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