Friar Crunchypants is a character who only appeared in an issue of the Shrek comics. He is the owner of the Crunchypants Cereal Factory, well renowned for its raspberry-flavored cereal, Ye Olde Crunchypants.

Crunchypants welcoming the guests

Friar Crunchypants giving a warm welcome.

Role in the comics

In the issue he appeared in, Shrek tells the story of how he and Donkey won a trip to his cereal factory. Friar Crunchypants had hidden a dozen golden eggs in his cereal, and whoever finds one would win a trip to his factory. Shrek finds one of these golden eggs, and fights with Donkey over who should go. Eventually Fiona tells them they should go together, and the two arrive at the cereal factory. Being greeted by Friar Crunchypants himself, saying "I'm berry berry happy to see you!", he welcomes Donkey and enters with him. Shrek however is left by himself to roam the surrounding town.

Throughout the tour, Crunchypants shows Donkey various rooms as well as the Elfer Schmelfers, his gnome assistants. Slowly but surely, he starts to show his weird side, forcing Donkey to stand on an 'X' near a funky looking contraption. It is found out by Shrek that Crunchypants takes the egg winners and shrinks them to "toy surprise" size. This is accomplished through metallurgy, alchemy, hydroblectric power, and various crystals. Although, only the "cute" and "beautiful" winners are effected, with creatures like Shrek or Big Bad Wolf being refused entrance.

Fearing for Donkey's life, Shrek breaks into Control Room 3 and fights off factory guards. Crunchypants, being the deceiving man he is, threatens to shrink Donkey. Shrek fails to turn off the machine, and is told that Crunchypants once worked closely with Geppetto. However he was shunned for being a terrible toy maker, and vowed revenge on him by making more "realistic" toys. By mistake, one of the pieces of cereal falls into the gears, causing it to malfunction. Shrek soon pours in a huge chunk of the Ye Olde Crunchyphants cereal, causing it to explode and destroy the cereal factory.

Once the factory fell down, all of the people who turned into toys grew back to normal size. Although in an ironic fate, Friar Crunchypants was turned into a toy himself, never to reign terror again.


  • Friar Crunchypants is a spoof of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both in his strange attitude and macabre mindset.
    • It could be possible that Wonka and his factory were going to be in place of Crunchypants. Licensing may have prevented this if it were true.
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