You want to dance, pretty boy?

–Furniture talking to Human Shrek

They are normal furniture. They make their appearance in Shrek 2.

The Fairy Godmother enchanted them and bring them to life.


Shrek 2

They have a minor role in the movie. They were enchanted by The Fairy Godmother, and make a dance/singing performance with her to Fiona.

Their final appearance as enchanted furniture was in the scene when The Fairy Godmother used them to trap Shrek inside Fiona's bedroom. Afterwards, they become lifeless again.

Shrek the Third

They just appear in this movie as normal and current furniture. The only "major" role that they play in the movie was to lock the room where Fiona, the Fairy Tale creatures, Lilian and the princesses are during the baby shower. Though at the beginning of the movie that the Dronkeys often can and tend to set some of the furniture and other things on fire.

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