Goldilocks is a character in the Shrek franchise.

Video Game Appearances

Goldilocks appears in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing as one of the eight unlockable racers. She is the only playable character that has not appeared in the Shrek films, making Shrek Smash and Crash Racing her debut into the Shrek universe. Goldilocks' kart is Papa Bear and her personal item is a giant spoon.

Goldilocks also appears on a hidden poster in the PC version of Shrek 2 (video game).


  • Goldilocks was supposed to be in the first Shrek film, either as a girl scout selling cookies to Shrek or eating his disgusting meals. However, she was cut for unknown reasons, presumably because her scenes may have been unnecessary filler.
  • On that note, she is the only cut character from the first film to not make any appearance in future installments.
  • She was referenced in the Far Far Away Times special feature in the Shrek 2 DVD, with graffiti art saying "Free Goldie".



Goldilocks' facial composite in the Shrek 2 PC game

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