"You call this guy a bounty hunter? What's he gonna to do, flute those ogres a lullaby?"

–Griselda underestimating the Pied Piper's power

Griselda is one of Rumpelstiltskin's loyal companions and right-hand witch. She is also the head of the Witch Guard.

Shrek Forever After

Since she is a witch, it is assumed that she lives in the Crone's Nest trailer park with Rumpelstiltskin and other witches.

In the alternate universe, Griselda is seen leading a fleet of witches on brooms who notice Shrek and capture him while they're traveling around the swamp. She and her group then deliver Shrek to Rumpelstiltskin at his palace, where Rumpel boasts over his dominace and victory over Shrek. However, the ogre gets hold of a broom and flies out of the throne room. Griselda again leads another group of witches to catch him before he escapes, but they fail as he gets out of the palace through a window.

She is later seen at a meeting between Rumpelstiltskin and his inner circle of witches. After many ideas are introduced on how to prevent Shrek from kissing Fiona, even with one witch dying in the process, he decides to hire a professional bounty hunter: the Pied Piper.

Soon after, Griselda comes into the palace to inform Rumpel that the Pied Piper had arrived. After underestimating the bounty hunter's power, the piper makes her dance uncontrollably under his magical tune. She is then ordered to go retrieve Rumpel's cheque book so he can pay the piper.

She fights the Ogre resistance at the end of the film, but it is unknown if she survives the battle. It is likely she either fled the palace to escape the ogres, or was captured. After Shrek restores the world back to normal, all the witches reform and become good.


  • she is credited in the film as Dancing Witch.
  • She is voiced by Kathy Griffin.
  • She has more lines than any other witch in the film.
  • The name "Griselda" is of Germanic origin; It means "dark battle; gray battle maid". This fits with her character, as she is the most battle-like of Rumpelstiltskin's witches.


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