Guinevere of Galorus (also known as "Gwen") is a student at Worcestershire Academy and a classmate of Arthur Pendragon. Snobbish, rich and pretty, she’s by far the most popular girl in school and possibly the girlfriend of Lancelot du Lac, the captain of the school jousting team. According to her yearbook, she’s Queen of the Homecoming Court, head of the Candy-Stripper Maidens and leading lady of the Equestrian Club. Like everyone else in school, she and her friend Tiffany look down on the wimpy Artie and cruelly scoffs at his declaration of love. She speaks with a Valley Girl accent.


Gwen is based off of the Arthurian legend's Guinevere of Camelot, King Arthur's wife and the lover of Sir Lancelot.


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