The Happily Ever After Potion is a potion stolen from the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Factory in Shrek 2.


The label reads:

"Happily Ever After Potion maximum strength. For you and your true love. Drink of this potion and bliss will be thine, happiness, comfort, and beauty divine. Fair relief of symptoms due to common unhappiness."

WARNING: side effects may include itching, oozing, weeping. Not intended for heart patients or people with personality disorders. To make the effects of the potion permanent the drinker must obtain his or her true love's first kiss by midnight.


It gives one a more beautiful and comfortable form. If the drinker and their lover kiss before midnight they will remain in their beautiful forms otherwise, they will change back to the forms they were in before the Potion effected them.



The original basis for the Happily Ever After Potion (to the left).

  • This potion also appears in a deleted alternate opening in Shrek as one of the potions Dama Fortuna offers Fiona since she was born an ogre. However, Fiona chose the Beauty potion. It is unknown what would happen if she chose the Happily Ever After Potion.
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