"I'm Evil" is a villain song, sang by Captain Hook and the other pirates in the video game of Shrek the Third.

This song is probably inspired by the piano scene of the movie.


(Grand piano playing)

Captain Hook: What a lucky day for you and me

You traveled very far

Come lookee at my scar

These are the pirates and the thugs

It's really no rebuke

In fact, it's just a fluke

And, they'll try

to squash you like bugs! (Evil laughter)

(Grand piano playing)

I'm evil (He's evil!)

Don't call me creepy,

corriving, conniving or cruel

Simply evil (He's evil!)

I think you'll get my point

If we're ever in a duel!

Chorus: I'm evil (Heh heh heh heh!)

(Grand piano playing)

Dare you approach me

Dare you come close

I'm vicious and nasty

I've earned my fame

A thousand scoundrels have died at my toes

Why do you think Peter Pan isn't in this game? (Take a wild guess!)

It's because I'm evil! (He's evil!)

I'll hit you when you're down

I never let a scurvy dog lie

I'm evil (He's evil!)

I scare the Cyclops when I need him eye-to-eye (Aye-aye!)

Chorus: I'm evil (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

(grand piano playing)

I'm full of glee

While you're full of dread!

Ya won't survive the stabs and slapping

The only sound you'll hear's when you're stone-cold dead

It's the sound of my one-hand

Clapping! (Ahoy! Ha!)

I'm evil (Ha ha ha! He's evil!)

Even my mommy used to call me a little stinker (Awww!)

So evil (He's evil!)

And when I catch your ship, I'll hook

Line and sink her (Arrgh!)

Chorus: I'm evil

(Grand piano playing)

(Grand piano stops)

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