Jiminy Cricket (conjectural name) is a character from the fairytale Pinocchio and appeared in Scared Shrekless. He is a parody of the Disney character of the same name, and has a similar voice, personality, and role.


Scared Shrekless

Jiminy Cricket was seen in the Scared Shrekless story, The Shreksorcist. He was inside Pinocchio's head acting as his consciousness, and tells Pinocchio to do crazy, outlandish things. This is not an actual event, but a tale told by Shrek to scare Pinocchio. As such, he does not actually exist.

Jiminy Cricket is not a good role-model for Pinocchio in the story, as he was possessing his brain, causing Pinocchio to go crazy and act like a maniac. Luckily, Pinocchio was able to get his revenge on Jiminy Cricket for possessing him by squashing him underneath his foot.


  • Jiminy's death in the story is a nod to the events in the original Pinocchio fairy tale.
    • In the original, the talking cricket was smashed by Pinocchio after the puppet got irritated from his constant need to help him.
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