The Lady of the Lake is a character who only appeared in the Shrek the Third video game. She is based on the legendary enchantress commonly associated with the stories of King Arthur. She is voiced by Natalie Lander.

Role in the video game

The Lady of the Lake works for Worcestershire Academy, although she resides in a nearby icicle mountain, where she gives quests to graduating students. Artie tells Shrek that he has to go on a quest given to him so he can pass his final exam, that way he'll become king but still complete his education. Much to his surprise, the quest is extremely easy and takes minimal effort. She orders Artie to find a coin and drop it into a well, but since he and Shrek have no money, she gives them a fetch quest to collect seven glass slippers and she'll lend them a coin. Artie eventually obtains the coin and throws it into the well. The Lady tells him that the quest is now fully complete, but Artie is still eager for a greater challenge, so he journeys into the icicle caves where he slays an ice dragon. Afterwards, he finally completes his quest and wins his diploma.

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