Sir Lancelot is one of Arthur's classmates, the most handsome and popular guy at Worcestershire Academy. He is a very typical jock and bully who is captain of the school's jousting team.

In "Shrek the Third", he is mistaken for Artie while he is jousting. He is the possible boyfriend of Guinevere.


Lancelot is based off of the Arthurian legend's Lancelot du Lac of Camelot, one King Arthur's knights and the lover of Guinevere.


  • According to the legend, he is the most trusted knight of King Arthur and also responsible for Arthur's downfall due to his affair with Guinevere.
  • In the Shrek (film), there is a sign in the parking lot outside Duloc that reads: "you are parked in Lancelot". This may imply that Lancelot is from Duloc.


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