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Magical Contracts (also called Magical Transactions) are contracts owned and used by Rumplestiltskin to get what he wants. They only appear in Shrek Forever After.

These contracts seem to be able to warp reality based on the details written within that had been agreed upon by Rumpelstiltskin and his recipients, to the point where they can actually create an Alternate reality. However, these contracts are not perfect, since all of Rumpel's contracts have an "exit clause" that can render the contract null and void if the recipient succeeds in fulfilling the clause. Details of the "exit clause" can only be found on the contract once it has been rearranged via origami.

Known Contracts

  • Ogre For A Day: Shrek is tricked into signing this contract and it creates an alternate universe in which he was never born and Rumpel rules over Far Far Away and the world. This contract's loophole says that the person in question must kiss his or her true love by the next sunrise to render it null and void.
  • Deal of a Lifetime: Gives the recipient anything his or her heart desires with absolutely no strings attached to shift the odds in Rumpel's favor. This is used as bait for the citizens of Far Far Away to capture Shrek and deliver the ogre to Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek receives this deal himself by turning himself in. He uses it to free the other ogres from Rumpel's clutches, therefore earning Fiona's trust due to his selflessness.
  • Problems Disappear: King Harold and Queen Lillian were tempted to sign this to get their daughter Fiona out of the Dragon's Keep, but in return, the Kingdom would be handed over to Rumpelstiltskin. However, the contract does not end the curse, and it instead makes Harold and Lillian disappear, giving Rumpel the kingdom.
  • Make Me A Real Boy: Pinocchio tries to sign this contract, only for Rumpel to spill ink on it after he discovers the witches have brought Shrek to him.
  • King for a Month: One of the contracts Rumpel skims through in his drawers.
  • Knight for a Week: Another contract Rumpel finds skimming through his drawers.
  • Queen for a Week: Rumpelstiltskin makes Fairy Godmother sign this contract in the Shrek Forever After video game to make her do his bidding.
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