The Merrymen are minor characters and supporting antagonists in Shrek. They are Monsieur Hood's henchmen.



While Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona are walking in Sherwood forest, Monsieur Hood appears along with his Merrymen in attempt to "rescue" Fiona from Shrek, even though they are actually kidnapping her. They sing a merry tune describing their reasons for kidnapping her, but right before they could kill Shrek, Fiona starts fighting the Merrymen, easily defeating them.

They later appear in Shrek Karaoke Dance Party singing the song YMCA by Village People.

Shrek 2 (video game)

Monsieur Hood and his Merrymen appear in the first level as a mini-boss. They are required to be beaten in order to progress through Shrek's swamp.


  • While the Merrymen (with the exception of Monsieur Hood of course) are unnamed, it's easy to assume that the accordion player is Friar Tuck and the big guy is Little John.
  • The other Merrymen could in fact be Much the Miller's Son, Will Scarlet, Arthur a Bland, and Will Stutely. All of which are characters who were a part of the group in early legends.
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