Mister Geppetto, or simply Geppetto, is a character in the Shrek franchise. He is Pinocchio's father and creator.



Geppetto can be seen selling Pinocchio to Lord Farquaad's army for 5 shillings.

Shrek Forever After

In the alternate universe, Pinocchio tries to pass Geppetto off to Rumpelstiltskin as Shrek, by painting him green but fails.

Scared Shrekless

In the tale "The Shreksorcist", Geppetto hires Shrek to exorcise the possessed Pinocchio because he has no other choice.

Shrek Comics

He was mentioned to have once been close friends with Friar Crunchypants. Unfortunately, their friendship came to an end once Geppetto mocked his toy-making skills.


  • In the first film, he speaks with a British accent. However in Scared Shrekless, he has an Italian accent relating more to his heritage, courtesy of Sean Bishop.
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