Mrs. Sprat is a character from the Shrek comics. She is the overweight wife of Jack Sprat.

Role in the comics

In her few appearances, she is a friendly rival of Shrek.

She was one of the contestants of the "Happy Endings Fitness Tournament". Along with Shrek, Mrs. Sprat stayed in the competition the longest. The final challenge they participated in was "The Rope-Burns of Rapunzel". If either of them claimed victorious, they would win the entire tournament. Both wished each other luck, and they begin climbing. Mid-way through, Shrek accidentally unleashes a Pants Phantom, scaring Mrs. Sprat into letting go of the rope. Thus, Shrek won the competition.

She would make another appearance in the game field in a pie-eating contest. On a chart of bets, Mrs. Sprat was predicted to have a 50/1 chance of winning. Sadly she's second to Shrek's 2/1 opportunity to win.


  • Despite her husband making an appearance in The Adventures of Puss in Boots, she was not found alongside him.
  • Like the nursery rhyme "Jack Sprat", she eats no lean.
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