Ogre Concepts1

Ogre Concept Lineup by J. J. Villard (digital paint)


Ogre concepts by Paul Ruddish (digital paint)


Concept artwork of an Ogre Warrior


Concept art of Ogres.

An Ogre is fairytale creature and the species of the titular character Shrek. They are fear vilified around the world due to misconceptions about their nature, portraying them as man-eating beasts.



The Ogres in the Shrek Universe are seen as considerably intelligent, compared to their Mythological Counterparts, where they were portrayed as being very dimwitted and unintelligent. Ogres are seen to be moderately tamable, as such when Shrek calms down and starts his own family with his wife Fiona. In a time of danger, Ogres are seen to be witty and tactical. They are seen as very strong and in this Universe also intelligent. They are even wittier when they band together.

Familial/Living Habits

Ogres live in swamps and lagoons.


Ogres are very large, tall and fearful humanoid beasts. The most well known ogres, Shrek and Fiona are almost twice the size of their Human counterparts. They are however small in comparison to other Ogres, in The Final Chapter Shrek is almost dwarfed by every other Ogre in the Camp. With this evidence one can assume that Ogres are extremely large compared to average Humans on average. Ogres have green skin and tube-like ears that they can use as a trumpet by clasping their nose and trying to send air through it. This is seen on all Ogres. Ogres have unusual eating and grooming when compared to humans to the point that most find each others' ways strange at best and repulsive at worst. Ogres (particularly males) care little for how they dress, and will only wear things comfortable to them.

List of known Ogres

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