I'm not a puppet. I'm a real boy.

–~Pinocchio lied when his nose grew

Pinocchio is a character in the Shrek franchise. He is one of Shrek's best friends and is a wooden puppet who used to dream of becoming a real boy.



Pinocchio was first seen being sold to Lord Farquaad's men by his "father" (Geppetto). Farquaad's guards mark him as the "possessed toy". Geppetto receives five shillings for him. He later ends up on Shrek's swamp. Unlike later films where he has a fairly large role, he's a minor character in this film.

Shrek 4-D

He appears in the queue on a wanted poster (much like the one from the first film). Pinocchio later makes a physical appearance in the pre-show, trapped in an iron maiden.

Shrek 2

Prior to the movie he becomes one of Shrek's best friends. Pinocchio, along with other fairytale characters see Shrek, Donkey and Puss being taken to prison. He and the others help break them out. He is brought down by strings but gets tangled up while doing spy moves to impress. Gingy slides down and Shrek asks him to tell a lie so Gingy can walk on his nose and unlock the handcuffs. Donkey suggests that he says I'm wearing ladies underwear!. He does, but this is true; therefore, his nose does not grow. Shrek asks him if he is, and Pinocchio says he's not, which is a lie.  

When he tries to get the Fairy Godmother's wand, she zaps him with it and he turns into a real boy. When the wand is passed to The Three Blind Mice, it transforms Pinocchio back into a puppet, much to his disappointment.

Shrek the Third

When confronted by Prince Charming on Shrek's whereabouts, Pinocchio told him a twisted up version of the truth while trying not to tell the truth but trying not to lie at the same time, something that confused everyone. He is later seen trapped inside a machine as a coin-operated puppet and tells the truth that he learns how to be exposed about Fiona and the others to Shrek but his curtain keeps falling down. He is later seen fighting Charming's army. At the really end, Donkey (who is in Puss In Boots body) scratches Pinocchio's back with the sward.

Shrek the Halls

In Shrek the Halls, Pinocchio joins Shrek and the others for Christmas at Shrek's swamp.

Shrek Forever After

Pinocchio first appeared telling Rumpelstiltskin that he was going to have to pay for a library book because he was ripping it up. Rumpel then offers him a contract to become a real boy, but Pinocchio realizes it's a trick, kicks him out of the library, and calls him Grumble Stinkypants.

In the alternate universe, he is next seen almost signing a contract with Rumpelstiltskin to become a real boy, but Shrek disrupts it because he is more important to talk to now. He is next seen trying to sell Geppetto (with a green-painted face) as Shrek to win the deal of a lifetime, but Rumpelstiltskin is not fooled. He is seen in the credits when one of Rumpelstiltskin's witches mistakes Pinocchio's long nose for a broomstick.

In a deleted scene, he is fighting alongside the other fairy tales against Shrek.

Scared Shrekless

Pinocchio also went along with Shrek and the other fairy tales to Duloc. Pinocchio appeared in the story The Shrekorsist, where he is acting up in Geppetto's house. The wood carver soon calls Shrek in order to "babysit" Pinocchio. Later on, it's revealed that Jiminy Cricket went inside of Pinocchio's head and told Pinocchio to do crazy, outlandish things.

After Shrek finishes the story, Pinocchio nervously denies this, before Shrek shows him a real cricket, labeling it as his "conscience", and terrifies Pinocchio, leaving him running through the door, leaving a hole his shape.

Swamp Talk

Pinocchio was referenced several times in the series, with his most prominent mention being in "Shrek's 2016 Presidential Endorsement". He was going up against Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming for election as president of Far Far Away. His plan could be summed up with Shrek's insult, "I'm leaning to the left! I'm leaning to the right! Who's pulling my strings?".

Video Game Appearances

Pinocchio appears in Shrek Super Slam as one of the 10 starting characters. His Super Slam includes Pinocchio extending his nose while flying towards enemies in an attempt to strike them.

Pinocchio's wanted poster in the Shrek 2 PC game

He also appears in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing. Pinocchio is one of the eight unlockable racers in this game. Pinocchio's kart is the Puppet Horse that Donkey created from a log from the use of the Fairy Godmother's magic wand. Pinocchio's personal item is the extended version of his nose.

In Shrek: Reekin' Havoc, he is the first boss in the level "Bad Pinocchio". He had taken Geppetto, the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, and Monkey hostage under control of Lord Farquaad's ghost. Eventually he is broken free from the possession and becomes a real boy.

He appears on a wanted poster in the Shrek 2 PC game in a prison escape level featuring Puss in Boots. In the console versions, he's in the photo when you finish the minigame floating floors.


  • In a skit in the Shrek Forever After soundtrack, he is granted a wish that everyday could be his birthday and it is granted.
  • Before the opening of Shrek 4-D, a teaser with various gags included a personal ad reading "Wanna go to Pleasure Island? Single wooden male seeks female who can really work my strings. You must like splinters. Try me, I'll grow on you... No lie!".
  • He appears to be good friends with Gingy, whom he has a similar voice to (although Pinocchio has a more raspy voice).
  • During the escape in Shrek 2, it's revealed that he wears ladies thongs.
  • He is the only character in the franchise to be portrayed by a Muppet performer; albeit only in Shrek the Musical.



  • A talking McDonald's toy that giggles, says "Oh!", and "I'll never become a real boy!" It was released for Shrek The Third and Shrek Forever After.
  • A plush toy that included Gingy.
  • A mini figure released with The Three Little Pigs, Warrior Gingy, Shrek and Wolf.
  • A trading card.
  • A Shrek 2 scented figure with noble steed Donkey.
  • Another figure released with Gingy with Puss in Boots (This one was not scented and had a red hat, not a yellow one).
  • Another McDonald's toy that came with a Pinocchio card dispenser and three fact cards that when put together, had a picture of Pinocchio.
  • A chess game piece.