I am Puss in Boots, and my name... would become... LEGEND.

–Puss in Boots in the end of his own film.

Puss in Boots, often referred to as just Puss is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Donkey) of Shrek franchise.

Serving as the tritagonist of shrek 2, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Donkey) of Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, and the titular main protagonist of it's spin-off film, Puss in Boots, and it's upcoming sequel Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

He is an orange-striped cat that is skilled with a sword and whose name is derived from the hat and boots he wears. He is voiced by Antonio Banderas and first appeared as a bounty hunter but later became Shrek's faithful sidekick.

Loosely based on the fairytale character Puss in Boots as well as being a kind of parody of Zorro, he is a smooth-talking cat with a Spanish accent, usually wearing a cavalier's hat, a belt with a sword, a small black cape, and small Corinthian boots. Puss first appears as a supporting character in Shrek 2, much like Dragon in the first film. He often overpowers his enemies by distracting them with his "cute kitten" looks. He also exhibits common cat behavior such as coughing up hairballs and chasing spotlights, usually resulting in his defeat or capture.


Early Life

Puss as a tiny kitten

He was abandoned as a kitten in a basket, which somehow found its way to the doorstep of an orphanage in a Spanish town called San Ricardo. He was taken in by the head of the orphanage, Imelda, who became his foster mother.

He befriended a young Humpty Alexander Dumpty, who gave him his name Puss, and they became brothers in heart with a dream: To find the Magic Beans so they may find the Giant's Castle and get the Golden Eggs of the Golden Goose, setting themselves up for life. Throughout their childhood, Puss and Humpty got in and out of trouble, stealing various beans in their search for the magic beans until one day, Puss saved the mother of the Captain of the Guard (Comandante) from a bull, and was regarded as a hero when Imelda gave him a pair of boots to wear with pride.

This event, however, drove a wedge between Puss and Humpty as Puss didn't want to steal anymore while Humpty continued and thought Puss was breaking their promise. One night, Humpty tricked Puss into helping him rob the San Ricardo bank. Chased by the guards, they passed the orphanage and seen by Imelda, who was heartbroken to see, from her perspective, her son, Puss, having returned to his thieving ways.

The chase ended at a bridge where the money fell over the bridge and was lost, and Humpty fell and couldn't get back up as he begged Puss to help him. Angry that Humpty had tricked him and branded him an outlaw, Puss told him to help himself, left him to the guards and fled San Ricardo.

Puss wanted sign

Over years, Puss became a swashbuckling hero but he was still wanted by the law, as he searched for a way to clear his name and repay the stolen money but he never found them. At one point, he discovered the hidden town of San Lorenzo and befriended the citizens. Unfortunately, he accidentally broke the town’s protective spell after taking one of their doubloons as a souvenir, causing thieves to invade the town. Puss vowed to protect the town and with the help of the San Lorenzens, he became a better hero, fought foes of all sorts and made friendships along the way. When monsters started coming from an abyss after fighting the Bloodwolf, the creator of San Lorenzo, a mage named Sino explained to Puss that his presence in San Lorenzo would only bring destruction, so he sent him back to the first episode and undid the events of the show to prevent the world from perishing. Despite his San Lorenzo friends losing their memories of him and their adventures together, Puss retained his because his adventures helped him grow as a person.

Eventually, Puss went back to being a drifter and in a seedy bar, he found out that Jack and Jill, two western outlaws had the magic beans that he had been searching for his whole life. Puss tries to take it from them, so he can repay his debt, but a black and white cat named Kitty Softpaws prevented him from doing so.

Puss follows Kitty to a bar run by alley cats, where he finds out that she is working with his former friend, Humpty. After Humpty, who had followed the two, explains to Puss that he wants a second chance, Puss agrees to help him find the beans/golden eggs, making it clear that he is doing it for the town and his mother who adopted him, not for Humpty. The three of them set off to find Jack and Jill, finally seeing them coming towards them, hiding in a canyon type place in the desert. Kitty jumps onto their cart which is pulled by warthogs, followed by Puss, while Humpty readies their getaway vehicle. Puss lowers Kitty into the back of the cart, who struggles to open the box the beans are held in (which is around Jack's hand), with Puss urging her to use her claws. She finally admits to him that she has no claws, which wakes up one of the baby warthogs sleeping in the back. Puss drops in beside her and opens the box with his claws as Kitty quiets the baby pig, giving him to Puss as she uses her paws to get the beans from Jack's hand, giving them to Puss. Just as they are about to leave, Puss accidentally backs up and steps on two pigs' tails, alerting Jack and Jill, who drop into the bottom where they are. They manage to get outside, jam the levers to force their seats to stay up, and tie up their heads, signaling Humpty to get their own cart besides the one they're on now. Kitty jumps onto the cart, but Jill headbutts Puss before he can, briefly knocking him out and causing him to drop the beans, which bounce around the top of the cart, almost falling off. Puss gets them back while fighting Jill, who somehow escaped, but she grabs him and dangles him over the edge of the cart and the canyon, about to drop him. Humpty rams the side of their cart and Puss lands back in their cart, and they get away. Kitty explains to Puss, as they are riding in the cart, that her adoptive owners got her claws removed for an unknown reason (although she does suggest it was for shredding the curtains or "playing too roughly with the hamster").

They make it to the perfect spot to plant them, being directed in the right way by Humpty, and plant the beans in a bare, sandy area, right as a storm cloud comes overhead, and a giant funnel of green-lit clouds and wind comes spinning down the place they planted the beans, cracking the sand, then suddenly disappearing, leaving only a small weed where the beans are buried. Kitty suggests Humpty talk to it and he does, but he barely gets a few words out before a giant beanstalk shoots up out of the ground, taking them with it, higher and higher into the clouds before it finally stops. The three got off and surprisingly are able to stand and walk on the clouds without difficulty, although their voices grow higher due to the thin air (their voices return to normal in the normal air pressure of the castle.) They see a castle type building and they enter it, not having to fear the giant, as Humpty says that the Giant and his wife have been dead for years; although, there is a beast in the castle, which if gazed upon, allegedly turns the gazer to stone though no one knows for sure because none have lived to tell the tale. They cross the water far below and get to the island. With only a small run-in with whatever the beast is, they find the golden eggs and a gosling that lays them. They take the gosling because the eggs are far too heavy and make it to the edge of the island before the rope they used to get across is broken, and they fall down into the canyon, the beast not far behind. As they are trying to get away, Kitty falls into the water, unable to pull herself back onto the branch due to her not having claws, but she is saved by Puss. They escape and get back down to the ground, cutting the beanstalk down and rejoicing over getting the golden goose. They briefly dance, and Humpty pulls Kitty aside to tell her to not lose focus, obviously talking about her falling in love with Puss. Kitty seems about to tell Puss something, but is interrupted by Humpty and leaves to get rest, leaving Humpty and Puss outside with the goose. Puss tells Humpty he is glad to have his brother back, and Humpty goes to sleep with the goose lying on top of him. Meanwhile, Jack and Jill suddenly come up behind Puss and knock him unconscious.

When Puss awakens, he is lying in the desert surrounded by birds, which he shoos away. He finds footprints and wagon tracks around him, and he follows them to the town he was adopted in. He sees a shadow of Humpty being held by Jack and Jill, and he follows them to save him, only to find them laughing and celebrating. Humpty explains to him how the only thing he wanted against Puss was revenge, and everyone had been working for him, even Jack and Jill. Puss doesn't fight against arrest (told not to by his adoptive mother) and sees Kitty as he is being led away in a carrier, knowing she has betrayed him. While in jail, he finds the Jack who had the beans first in the same cell, and he tells Puss that the beast is in fact the gosling's mother and will destroy the town trying to get her baby back. Puss escapes using his adorably big eyes to practically hypnotize the guard, and Kitty comes back to do the rest. She helps Puss escape, and he goes to find Humpty. Puss tells him that the mother is going to come back for her baby, and Humpty finally agrees to help save the town. They lead the mother goose to the bridge, which breaks under her weight, and Puss has to hold onto a rope that Humpty is holding onto to be sure he doesn't fall into the wreckage. The gosling was also caught by a rope, but it is breaking, and Humpty lets go of his rope, so Puss can save the baby to make sure the mother does not destroy the whole town. He does save her, and later finds Humpty has been turned into a golden egg, which the mother takes and flies back to the castle.

Puss and Kitty get away from the guards still, and Kitty says she will see him again soon, showing that she has taken his boots. During the first half of the credits, it shows Humpty once again in his regular egg form riding the goose in the clouds, and Puss and Kitty finally kiss.

Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

Shortly after the events of the film, Puss is riding his horse through the desert when he is captured by Italian knights. He is then taken to Princess Alessandra Belagomba, whose "Heart of Fire" Ruby, the crown jewel of her kingdom, is missing. At first, it is believed that Puss is being wrongfully charged for the theft, but it later turns out that the Princess only wants to hire him based on his reputation, revealing that a thief called "The Whisperer" was the one who committed the crime and that the Princess' knights have captured three of his henchmen. The henchmen turn out to be three kittens called the Three Diablos. Though Puss cannot believe that such innocent creatures could be thieves, the princess and her guards are terrified of them. The kittens kindly agree to help Puss on the premise that they will be free if they return the ruby.

When Puss takes the kittens to the desert, the kittens quickly turn on him (revealing their backstabbing nature) and start playfully torturing him in embarassing ways, like bonking him in the head with his own boots, pulling his whisckers andbury him alive. Puss later escapes and recaptures the kittens using his wide eyes against theirs despite them throwing sand in his eyes. Later, he talks about sending them back to jail for their actions, but he learns that they have no family and are orphans like him. He then sympathetically tells them how he also knows it's tough not knowing whom to trust and being led to the wrong path, making an example of how Humpty betrayed Puss, just as the Whisperer has done to them. Puss then decides to point the Diablos in the right direction and trains them how to fight and plays with them, becoming friends. He also gives them names: Perla (because she is one of a kind), another Gonzalo (for his scrappy temper) and the other Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third (a title is all he needs).

The next day, the kittens, turning over a new leaf, show Puss to The Whisperer's secret hideout, and are immediately confronted by The Whisperer himself, who, by his name, has a low voice volume and uses his hat as a cone to speak clearly. It is also revealed that The Whisperer himself has used the heart as a decoration for his own belt. After learning that the Diablos brought Puss to him to recover the heart, the Whisperer is about to make them pay for their betrayal, but Puss fights him and lets the kittens escape. They, however, return to help Puss with what they learned from him and The Whisperer falls into a bottomless pit to his death. Puss then returns the heart to the Princess and is rewarded with gold, and he gives the Princess the kittens as her new personal bodyguards. They then say their goodbyes and Puss claims "He will never forget them, just as he is sure they will never forget the name of Puss in-"; unfortunately, the guards close the door before he can finish the sentence.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss sets off on a quest to gain extra lives when he’s down to his last one.

Shrek 2

Puss' cute face

Recommended to King Harold by Doris (the Ugly Stepsister of Cinderella and barmaid of the Poison Apple) as a famous ogre assassin, Puss is hired and payed lots of money by the king to assassinate Shrek. However, unlike his fairy tale counterpart, he does not try to trick the ogre into changing into a mouse, but instead makes a direct, frontal assault on Shrek, which works up until the feline gags on a hairball, spitting it up. Shrek and Donkey think of what to do with him as Donkey even proposes to give him the Bob Barker treatment (neutering), but Puss begs for his life and accidentally reveals that the king was the one who hired him to kill Shrek. While Shrek is sulking about this, he says the king said Fiona would be better off with a Prince Charming but when Donkey glares at him, he apologizes, saying he thought Shrek was asking him that question. Puss proposes to the ogre he owes a life debt to him, in thanks for sparing his life and will accompany him on his quest. Shrek appears to have accepted this debt, as Puss in Boots stays with him throughout the course of the film and the two become great friends. Donkey gains a particular disdain him, considering Puss a threat to his position as Shrek's best friend. It is revealed that Puss has a litter of siblings, a sick mother and a father who lives off the garbage (although he may have been lying so Shrek would spare his life). He has also stated that he "Hates Mondays". This could be a reference to Garfield, another famous orange cat, who hates Mondays.

Puss In Boots On Chains.png

When Shrek and Donkey enter the castle to find Fiona and are being chased by guards; however in the Jail Tower after Shrek said "what you lack is the capacity," Puss appears to be in chains. Puss repays his debt to Shrek by holding them off (he removes his hat, looks at the guards cutely, and then attacks them when they stop and say "aww!") When Shrek and Fiona get back together and are changed back to normal, Donkey finds out he has become a dad. Due to the friendship that has developed Puss decides to be Donkey's dronkies' uncle and becomes a permanent addition to their team.

Shrek the Third

Donkey, Puss, Dragon and the Dronkeys remain in Far Far Away with Fiona and Shrek, helping the royal couple run the country in the place of the ailing king.

Puss joins Shrek and Donkey on their journey to find Artie (Fiona's cousin and heir to the throne) and later encourages Shrek to be kinder to Artie to gain the teenager's trust. He also tries, rather unsuccessfully, to advise Shrek who has just found out that Fiona is pregnant with his children, on fatherhood by suggesting they take his cousin's boat for two weeks of fishing and mojitos, but Donkey is against that.

When the group is magically sent back to Far Far Away by Merlin, Puss and Donkey accidentally have their bodies switched. The two swapped animals later join forces with the Far Far Away princesses and other captives of Prince Charming and help rescue Shrek. Towards the end of the movie, they confront Merlin and demand he put them in their correct bodies. He does so, although their tails seem to have been switched this time (in the next scene, this is shown to have been corrected as well).

At the end of the movie, Puss helps Shrek and Fiona care for their new born triplets. He has trouble with them pulling his fur and tail.

Shrek Forever After

Puss getting fat

In the fourth film, Puss is seen as a regular guest at Shrek's home, eating dinner with Shrek's family and telling the children of the tale of how Shrek met Fiona. He is not properly seen again until Shrek has entered the alternate reality made by Rumpelstiltskin. Here, he has retired from swordsmanship and has become obese and shiftless, and Fiona's pet as well. He befriends Shrek when he realizes there was a spark of romantic interest between Shrek and Fiona. Puss takes part in the ambush on Rumplestiltskin's ogre hunt, but Fiona's army of ogres are captured by the Pied Piper. Puss and Donkey rescue Shrek and Fiona from the Piper, but Fiona leaves in anger when she thought Puss told Shrek everything about her.

Puss and Donkey later lead the ogres in the battle against Rumpelstiltskin's forces, and helps save Shrek and Fiona from Dragon. Puss eventually disappears with everything else when Fiona's curse is broken and reality is restored. In the real world, Puss celebrates the ogre babies' first birthday with everyone else.

Shrek the Halls

Santa Claws

Puss tells the story of Santa Claus as a smooth Spanish cat (similar to himself). He is distracted from telling the tale when he sees a glass Christmas tree ornament and begins batting at it. When he realises what he was doing, he walks away muttering "I have shamed myself". Later, when Shrek explains that he never celebrated Christmas before and wanted it to come right, Puss tells his friend "Christmas just comes".

Video Game Appearances

Puss in Boots appeared as a playable character in Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. In Shrek 2 he also appeared as a boss.

He also appears in Shrek Super Slam as one of the 10 starting characters. His Super Slam is that he uses his "cute face" and stuns the opponents with that.

He also appears in Shrek Smash and Crash Racing. Puss in Boots is one of the eight unlockable racers in this game. Puss's kart is a Bull and his personal item is his hat.

He is also the main playable character in the video game : Puss In Boots.


Puss is an orange tabby cat with green eyes and a Spanish accent. He wears a leather, broad-brimmed hat lined with red (with a fluffy yellow feather), a black leather cape, a belt with a scabbard that contains his sword, and his famed Corinthian leather boots. He has very sharp claws which he uses in his adventures. His whiskers were curly in the Shrek movies. In Puss in Boots however, his whiskers weren't curly, presumably due to the film being a prequel, which also suggests that Puss didn't curl his whiskers until later in his life.


  • Combat Proficiency: Despite his small size, Puss is a capable fighter even when outnumbered against much larger opponents.
  • Master Swordsman: Puss possesses incredible skills in the use of a sword, mostly in combat.
  • Cute Nature: Puss' trademark attack is by using his cute nature, shown when he stares up at his opponents with an innocent, wide-eyed expression, softening his foes' hearts.
  • Guitar Proficiency: Puss seems to know how to play with a guitar.
  • Expert Dancer: Puss is shown to be an expert at tap dancing, as shown when he was challenged by Kitty Softpaws to a dance fight.
  • Sharp Claws: Like all cats, Puss has razor-sharp claws which are sufficient to rend most substances. His claws can also hurt Shrek, even though the ogre's green skin is very tough and can even pierce glass as well.
  • Expert Thief and Hunter: Puss is known to be a master of thievery since he is extremely skilled in theft. Like all cats, Puss is also a master of hunting.


Aside from being a protective and honorable fighter, Puss is a "ladies' cat" as well. Puss likes to tell stories, sing and dance. He is always on the lookout for an adventure and will do anything to protect his friends.

Despite Donkey's antagonizing nature towards him, Puss is the less proactive of the two as usual, as well as often trying to be the voice of reason between conflicting parties.

During his time in San Lorenzo, Puss was shown to be cocky and prideful, believing that he could solve anything on his own, which lead to most of the disasters in the town. Eventually, Puss learned to become more humble and was willing to ask for help from others. As Sino put it, his time in San Lorenzo made him a better hero.


In Shrek 2, Puss sang "Livin' la Vida Loca" with Donkey. In Far Far Away Idol, he also sang "This Boots are Made for Walkin'" which he earned Simon's admiration.

Also, in Thriller Night, he spoke the poetic section of Thriller.


  • In Shrek 2, when Shrek grabs Puss, he mentions his parents. However, it is revealed in Puss in Boots that Puss is an orphan, though he might have been referring to Imelda as his mother and the Three Diablos as the litter of little brothers (although there is a girl).
  • In Shrek 2, when Puss is fighting with Shrek, he sneaks into Shrek's clothings, and he burst through the ogre's shirt, this may be a reference to the chestburster scene in the sci-fi/horror film Alien.
  • In the Shrek 2 video game, Puss weighs about 50 pounds.
  • Puss calls Shrek "boss" or "señor" instead of his real name.
  • Puss' Shrek form is based on Zorro's (whom Banderas also portrayed in the The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro) fighting style, accent (Spanish) and personality. While attacking Shrek, he used his sword to scratch up a P, a parody of Zorro's trademark move. In Shrek the Third, Donkey, while in Puss' body, scratches a D instead. Puss also hates Mondays, as revealed in the Poison Apple bar (a similar trait to Garfield).
  • He makes a very strange appearance on the casual game "Indy Cat" (the parody of Indiana Jones) by PlayFlock. The outfit used for the cat appears to be the Deluxe Indiana Jones costume. The boots used in this variant of Puss in Boots isn't intact on that game.
  • He does not appear in the first film or 4D ride for obvious reasons, though he does make a non-speaking cameo in the musical.
  • Puss in Boots stars in the Netflix series The Adventures of Puss in Boots where he protects the hidden city of San Lorenzo. The series is set before the events of his return to San Ricardo in the 2011 movie.
  • When Puss cries, as seen in Shrek 2 and Puss In Boots: The Three Diablos, he wipes his nose, not his eye.


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