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Royalty of Far Far Away.

The Royalty of Far Far Away are the nobles who rule over the Kingdom of Far Far Away and its surrounding lands. They reside in the Far Far Away Palace. Most members of the Royalty are members of the Pendragon family.


After Princess Lillian Pendragon kissed Harold, he transformed from a frog into a human, and they became King and Queen of Far Far Away. They later had a child, named Fiona, who was inflicted with a terrible curse that by day she would be a human, and by night, a hideous ogre.

When Fiona was seven, her parents locked her away so her true love could save her (which later would be Shrek). Fiona would be next in line for the throne when she found her true love. King Harold decided to lock her away so that Prince Charming would save her and transform her back to a human. However, she was rescued by an Ogre named Shrek to marry Lord Farquaad. However Shrek and Fiona soon fell in love. Farquaad was briefly the Prince of Far Far Away, until he was eaten by Dragon. Fiona then married Shrek, who then became the true heir.

In Shrek 2, they are shocked that she is an ogre and Shrek is her true love. Harold not giving them his blessing, decides to try and assassinate Shrek by paying Puss in Boots, only because The Fairy Godmother helped him with his happily ever after and it would be taken away if refusing to do the task.

After a failed attempt at assassination, he tries once again to make Fiona forget about Shrek and be with Charming by giving her tea with a love potion in it. In the end, it was revealed that Harold drank the tea with the potion in it and he finally gave them his blessing and forgiveness.

In Shrek the Third, Harold, as he is about to die, tells Shrek that he is next in line with Fiona to be rulers of Far Far Away, but Shrek not thinking an ogre can rule a kingdom decides to find the only heir, Arthur Pendragon and make him become king so he and Fiona can retire to their swamp. Charming thinking he is the rightful king to Far Far Away takes control of the kingdom with some of the fairy tale villains, but is dethroned in the end, and Artie decides to be King of Far Far Away and makes peace with Shrek.

In Shrek Forever After, it was revealed that during the events of the first Shrek film Harold and Lillian were going to sign over the Kingdom to Rumpelstiltskin since he was the only one believed to be able to stop Fiona's curse. After hearing the news that Fiona was saved, they are relieved that they don't have to sign over their Kingdom. Rumpelstiltskin would soon trick Shrek into signing a contract to be like a real Ogre again, as he signs it, it transports him to a alternate world, and sees that Rumpelstiltskin had tricked Harold and Lillian and has become King of Far Far Away, destroying the kingdom, but keeping the castle intact. As he is ambushed and the alternate world falls apart he loses his crown, and the world is put back to its original state.

Known Royal Members

  • Shrek (Heir/Prince consort) (retires to the swamp with Fiona)
  • Prince Charming (briefly King) (invaded Far Far Away and takes over in a coup d'état; was King briefly before being dethroned by Arthur)

Alternate world

  • Rumpelstiltskin (King) (tricks Shrek and becomes King in the alternate world, but the world is restored back to the original world and he is imprisoned for his crimes).
  • Baba (Presumed Queen consort) (possibly is the Queen consort in the alternate world, but the world is soon restored back to the original world).
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