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 General Information
Pages 32
Genre Fantasy
 Production Information
Published 1990
Author William Steig
Editor Unknown
Publisher D&M Publishers, inc.
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
Unknown Shrek! Unknown
You may be looking for Shrek (character) or Shrek (film) .

Shrek! is a children's book written by the late William Steig and published in 1990. The book then became a DreamWorks Animation film 11 years later in 2001, respectively named Shrek. In a scene from Shrek Forever After, some designs that came from the story were seen in the forest that was located in the mixed up land of Far Far Away. Shrek's parents are seen at the beginning of the story, although they have never appeared in any of the films except for the Musical. However, Shrek talked about what his father was like when he grew up in a coversation between Shrek and Artie in Shrek the Third.

Shrek meets an annoying donkey who takes Shrek to Fiona's castle.

Characters & Differences From The Book

  • Shrek. A nasty green ogre who is the main character in the book. He is abandoned by his parents in the beginning. Later on, he meets a witch who tells him about an unsightly princess. He travels all over the place to meet her, getting directions from a talking donkey. This version of Shrek can breath fire.
  • The Witch. She is the witch who informs Shrek about Princess Fiona and her castle.
  • Donkey: A talking donkey that helps Shrek throughout his journey.