Shrek's Carnival Craze is a party game released for the Wii, PS2 and DS on May 2007 (the same release date as Shrek the Third).


In the outskirts of the swamp, a carnival run by the dwarfs is open to the public. Fiona is eager to go with Shrek and the Ogre Triplets for good family fun, but Shrek hates carnivals refuses. He goes there anyway to make his loved ones happy. Upon arrival, Shrek and the gang find Prince Charming (who somehow survived after the events of the third movie) who challenges them in a contest to win "King/Queen of the Carnival".

After playing several games, Shrek finds genuine fun from the carnival, even enjoying Donkey's favorite carny treat, Waffle on a Stick. Despite this, he says he'd prefer if he was home. One of the dwarfs mishears him and orders the park be moved to his swamp, much to Shrek's dismay.

In the end however, Fiona is happy that she got to spend time with Shrek and the family, and everyone comes together for one last group photo for the memories.

Playable Characters


  • Royal Hoopla
  • Rapunzel's Hair Climb
  • The Dancing Dwarf
  • Three-Wheeled Thrills
  • Fancy Footwork Frenzy
  • Wild Water Works
  • Dunk the Bad Apple
  • Hammer Head
  • Eyeball Toss
  • Food Fling
  • Gingy's Crazy Cookie Conveyor
  • Milking Mayhem
  • Candy Keep Away
  • Hurry Scurry Hurdles
  • Windmill Whirl
  • The Melon Bowl
  • Sack Race
  • Crazy Cookie Dance
  • Hairball Hack
  • Dronkey Racers
  • Pinocchio's Ring Toss
  • Frog Fling
  • Merry Men Madness
  • Cheese Ball
  • Swamp Ball
  • Mud Slide Madness
  • Frog Fetch
  • Shrek-apalooza

Non-Playable Characters


  • On the main menu, you can see Duloc in the background.
  • The music box near the Carnival entrance has the same structure as the Duloc information booth.
  • It's possible that both this game and the short film Thriller Night confirm that Prince Charming indeed survive after Shrek the Third.
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