Shrek's father was the father of Shrek, the father-in-law of Princess Fiona, and their children's paternal grandfather.


Shrek the Musical

Shrek lived with his parents until his 7th birthday. Although they didn't want him to go, they had to follow the "ogre rules". They also told him that he will be lonely for his whole life and nobody will like him.

Shrek the Third

He was mentioned by Shrek, stating that Arthur had a far better dad as Shrek's parents allegedly wanted to eat him by bathing him in barbecue sauce and making him sleep with an apple in his mouth. Their relationship caused Shrek to fear fatherhood and caused him to panic when he discovered he would become a dad himself. His fate is unknown as Shrek never speaks of him any other time and he is never seen meeting his daughter-in-law or his grand kids so it can be assumed he is either dead or Shrek never spoke to him again.

Shrek Comics

Shrek's mom and dad

Shrek's father and mother as they appear in the comics

In one of the issues, Shrek's dad and mom pay a surprise visit to his swamp. Upon entering his house, they meet the ogre triplets, with Shrek's dad being repulsed by them being labeled as "cute". He insists that they learn about how to be fearsome monsters. When seeing Shrek try to scare somebody, he accidentally "terrifies" the Three Little Pigs, who aren't scared of him since they're his friends. Shrek's dad scoffs him for this, saying that "if I were one of those babies, I'd be ashamed to call you my dad". He then goes to a local mini-golf course to see his son prove to him that he still has what it takes to be an ogre. Once again, it fails, with everyone in the area celebrating upon Shrek's famous roar. Now severely disappointed, he and Shrek's mother continue to criticize his lack of true ogre behavior. This angers Fiona, who is furious at their rudeness towards her husband, claiming that if they don't like how they're living their live and raising their kids, they can go back to whatever dark and lonely swamp they crawled out of. Shrek's dad is gleeful upon the sight of Fiona's pure anger, and now believes that his grandchildren are in good hands.


  • In the filmmakers' commentary for the first Shrek, it was revealed that he and Shrek's mother were going to be Scottish immigrants moving to the land of Duloc.
    • This concept was removed once Mike Myers joined the film's production.
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