Shrek: From the Swamp to the Screen
 General Information
Pages 176
Genre Production artwork
 Production Information
Published May 1, 2004
Author John Hopkins
Editor Unknown
Publisher Harry N. Abrams
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Shrek: From the Swamp to the Screen Shrek: The Art of the Quest

Shrek: From the Swamp to the Screen details the artwork and production of Shrek and the then-upcoming Shrek 2. The book also includes commentary by Shrek, Donkey and other characters.


Based on a children's book by William Steig (who died this past October), Shrek (and its upcoming sequel, Shrek 2, are offbeat fairy-tale adventures about a big green ogre, his chattering sidekick Donkey, a feisty princess named Fiona and a power-hungry ruler named Lord Farquaad. In this book, the four main characters have a chance to tell all - about the trials and tribulations of making the movies, the clash of egos, the scenes that didn't work - in their own words. But the human participants (writers, directors, animators, production designers) have their say too, describing the painstaking process of inventing and animating an imaginary world from scratch. The book will have both an entertaining narrative and a trove of facts and trivia, presented with a wealth of illustrations documenting the films from conception to the screen.

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