Shrek 4-D (The Ghost Of Lord Farquaad)
Shrek 4-D
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Shrek 4-D (The Ghost Of Lord Farquaad)


12 minutes

Release Date

May 23, 2003

Release on DVD

Shrek's Thrilling Tales with The Pig Who Cried Werewolf and Monsters Vs Aliens: Night Of The Living Carrots



Production information
Directed by

Simon J. Smith

Produced by

Jeffrey Katzenberg
David Lipman


Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
John Lithgow
Conrad Vernon
Cody Cameron

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Shrek Shrek 4-D (The Ghost Of Lord Farquaad) Shrek 2
Shrek 4-D is a 3-D ride based on the first Shrek film in Universal Studios Florida in June 12, 2003-present, Universal Studios Hollywood in May 23, 2003-August 13, 2017, Universal Studios Japan in June 20, 2003-present, and Universal Studios Singapore in March 18, 2010-present, with Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow.


  • McDonald's (2003-present)
  • M&M's (2003-2009)
  • Nintendo (2003-present)
  • 7Up (2010-present)


Lord Farquaad's ghost  (John Lithgow) tortures Pinocchio, Gingy, and the Three Little Pigs for information on the whereabouts of Shrek (Mike Myers) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz). The newlyweds, along with Donkey (Eddie Murphy), are trying to find their way to the Honeymoon Hotel so Shrek and Fiona can celebrate their honeymoon. The search stops when Fiona is captured by Thelonious. Shrek and Donkey chase Thelonious (Christopher Knights) through the forest in the carriage and destroy the Gingerbread Man's new house by crashing through it.

However, the duo lose Thelonious and Fiona and wind up in a dead end graveyard. While Shrek is teasing Donkey by pretending to be a zombie and scaring him, they stumble upon Lord Farquaad's grave. Soon, Farquaad's ghost arrives and Donkey remarks that he saw him die in the first movie, breaking the fourth wall. Farquaad then brings the stone dragon on his grave to life and makes it eat Shrek and Donkey in revenge for making Donkey's wife Dragon eat him. Donkey whistles for Dragon (Frank Welker {uncredited}) and she shows up sweeping Shrek and Donkey off the ground. The stone dragon chases them through the sky and blows fireballs made of magma at them, and Shrek lands on the stone dragon's back. He farts in its face, causing it to drop him onto Dragon's back. Dragon then flies into a canyon in a homage to Star Wars: A New Hope. She then creates a tunnel through a dead end in the canyon with her fire, and after going into the tunnel, the stone dragon follows and it's wings break off in doing so. After exiting, the animated statue falls to it's watery grave, terminating the chase. Dragon, Shrek and Donkey then rush off to rescue Fiona.

Farquaad's true plans for Fiona is to kill her and make her his spirit queen so he can be the king of the underworld. Thelonious puts her on a raft going toward a waterfall known as Fairy Falls, but forgets to get off. Fiona gets free and knocks him out, and then Shrek and Donkey jump onto the raft. It goes over the falls and the trio is temporarily saved by Thelonious. However, they fall again due to the branch Thelonious was holding breaking. Luckily, Dragon saves them before they all die and obliterates Farquaad by breathing a fireball at him. Dragon gives Shrek and Fiona a ride to the Honeymoon Hotel, and she and Donkey ride off to have a honeymoon of their own. But Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon is interrupted by the Fairy Tale creatures, but they went along with it. Everyone celebrates after Shrek says "Let The Honeymoon Begin!" then pops the cork out of the champagne, sending one of the fairies flying with the cork and crash into the wall of the theater.

A comic version was made out of the attraction. However, there were some differences, as Farquaad did not torture Gingy to obtain Shrek and Fiona's whereabouts. The beginning with the fairy was ommited, and Dragon did not save Thelonious. Also, a lot of the dialogue was changed.



  • The plot of the attraction was originally reserved for Shrek 2, but after William Steig declined the idea, it was reverted into what it is today.
  • The queue features several references to other movies, fairy tales, real life products, and Disney parks attractions:
    • A poster for a faux film adaptation of Don Quixote titled, Donkey-Xote: The Feel Good Comedy of the Dark Ages.
    • A poster for Thelonius 2: Judgement Proof, a parody of Terminator 2: Judgement Day (which at the time also had a 4-D attraction at Universal).
    • A poster for Liar Liar, starring Pinocchio.
    • A poster for Claws, a not-so-subtle parody of Jaws.
    • An ad for "Fairy Ale Malt Liquor".
    • An ad for "Foe's: The Villains' Tavern".
    • A poster for "Lord Farquaad's Enchanted Tick Room".
    • A poster for "Great Moments with Mr. Farquaad".
    • A poster for "Donkbo: The Flying Donkey!".
    • Various personal ads from Pinocchio, the Boy who Cried Wolf, Snow White, Gingy, a Frog, the Big Bad Wolf, Rapunzel and the Three Little Pigs.
    • Shrek and Fiona's wedding scrapbook-- featuring a guest list, the directions to the ceremony, and various pictures from both the ending of Shrek and the Karaoke Dance Party.
  • The 4-D film is viewed again as The Ghost of Lord Farquaad on Netflix, and in the Shrek's Thrilling Tales DVD, except it's not in 4-D when it's on DVD. Because of this, the line where Donkey says "This 3-D looks really cool" is cut out.
  • Also in those later releases, when Fiona gets tied up and kidnapped by Thelonious, In 4-D and 3-D, Donkey says "Mother Fletcher", but in later releases the line was changed to him just saying "Aah, Shrek!"
  • Donkey breaks the fourth wall by telling Farquaad "I know I saw you die in the first movie," upon seeing his ghost.
  • There is a DVD version of the film titled Shrek 3-D, released around the same time as the attraction's opening.


Shrek 4D PreShow

Shrek 4D PreShow

Shrek 4-D- The Ghost of Lord Farquad

Shrek 4-D- The Ghost of Lord Farquad

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