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Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing is a racing game released in November 2006. The game features locations and characters from the films. Players have the option of playing one of twelve Shrek characters, using racing and combat skills to defeat other racers. It was released for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. A port for the Nintendo Wii was planned, but quickly cancelled for unknown reasons. The original music for the game was composed by Finn Robertson.


Playable Characters

Starter Racers

  • Shrek - Shrek's kart is the Swamp Beast that Donkey created by using the Fairy Godmother's wand on a snail. Shrek's personal item is a giant turkey leg.
  • Donkey - Donkey's kart is the smaller version of the Dragon after he used the Fairy Godmother's wand to make her smaller. Donkey's personal item is his Microphone.
  • Princess Fiona - Princess Fiona does not appear in her human form in this game at all. Princess Fiona's kart is the Onion Carriage that Shrek and Herself used to travel to Far Far Away in Shrek 2. Princess Fiona's special item is the web candy from the first film.
  • Gingy - Gingy's kart is the Cupcake Horse that Donkey created from the picnic food that was in Shrek's swamp with the Fairy God Mother's magic wand. Gingy's personal item is a candy cane.

Secret Racers

  • Puss in Boots - Puss's kart is a Bull, and his personal item is his hat.
  • Prince Charming - Prince Charming's kart is a Stallion, and his personal item is a giant mirror.
  • Humpty Dumpty - Humpty Dumpty is one of the two characters that haven't appeared in the Shrek films at the time of the game's release-- though he would later appear in Puss in Boots. Humpty Dumpty in this game wears glasses. Humpty Dumpty's kart is the Chicken Cup and his personal item is a frying pan.
  • Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood's kart is the Big Bad Wolf. Her personal item is her picnic basket.
  • Pinocchio - Pinocchio's kart is the Puppet Horse that Donkey created from a log from the use of the Fairy God Mother's magic wand. Pinocchio's personal item is the extended version of his nose.
  • Three Little Pigs - The Little Pigs act as one racer. Their kart is a flying Magic Carpet, and their personal items are their hats.
  • Goldilocks - Goldilocks is one of the two characters that haven't appeared in the Shrek films. Goldilock's kart is Papa Bear, and her personal item is a giant spoon.
  • Thelonious - Thelonious's kart is the Black Horse that he used in the Shrek 4-D. Thelonious's personal item is a giant stone age axe.

Unplayable Characters

  • Magic Mirror - The Magic Mirror tells the player if they have unlocked any new characters, modes, and tracks.
  • Mongo - Mongo makes a cameo on the Suburbs of Far Far Away track. He walks around the track and if any racer makes contact with him, their kart will spin out.
  • Tinkerbell - Tinkerbell makes a cameo on a track. She flies inside of a building and if any careless racer makes contact with her then their kart will spin out. However, it is not conformed if she's really Tinkerbell.
  • Lord Farquaad - Lord Farquaad appears in his ghost form in the Haunted Woods track. He will try to latch onto a character and impede their movement for a couple of seconds.


All tracks also have a mirror-mode.

Default Tracks

Swamp Cup

  • Swamp
  • Green Forest
  • Haunted Woods

Far Far Away Cup

  • Suburbs of Far Far Away
  • Downtown of Far Far Away
  • Far Far Away Castle

Secret Tracks

Potion Factory Cup

Dragon Cup


  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Giant Beanstalk
  • Lord Farquaad-in-a-Box
  • Goose
  • Frog Balloon
  • Garden Gnome
  • Magic Frost
  • Pixie Dust
  • Whirlwind
  • Shield
  • Ogre Strength
  • Swamp Gas
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