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Shrek the Third is an action video game based on the 2007 DreamWorks Animation animated film of the same name, developed by 7 Studios, Gameloft, Amaze Entertainment and Vicarious Visions. The game was published by Activision on May 14, 2007 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance. A PSP version was released in June of that same year.

GameCube version was going to released as well, but it got cancelled due to the GameCube's discontinuation. There was also going to be an Xbox release as well as being the last Dreamwork's Animation game for the system, but it was later cancelled due to its low sales. The soundtrack was composed by Winifred Phillips, produced by Winnie Waldron, with additional music by Geoff Zanelli. The storyline of Shrek the Third is based on the film: Shrek has to find Arthur to have him serve as king of Far Far Away while Prince Charming attempts to storm the city and take the throne by force. Players can play as main characters from the film, including Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, Fiona's cousin Arthur and Sleeping Beauty. The game consists of 20 levels, some of which branch off from the main story of the movie, and features both single- and multi-player play. Reviews have been mixed, which Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, and GBA version holds a score of under 60% on the critic aggregate reviews site GameRankings, while the PSP, DS and PC received a score of and over 60%. Playable Characters include:


Shrek the Third - Longplay

Longplay of the PC version

Shrek: he can lift crates and certain enemies. His Special Power is his roar and his Super Special Power is his Ogre Smash.

Donkey: his Special Move is his headbutt.

Puss in Boots: his Special Move is his sad eyes which stuns enemies. He can also double jump.

Princess Fiona: her Special Move is her flying kick which can hurt enemies, break down doors and move rocks. Like Shrek, her Super Special Move is Ogre Smash.

Artie: his shield can deflect projectiles and his Special Move is when beams of light shoot for his sword.

Sleeping Beauty: her Special Move is flirting which makes enemies attack each other. She can also sleep to recharge her health, when she does this, enemies near her will sleep too. Also she can use her dress to glide down off ledges.