"Sleeping Beauty" is a fairytale collected by Charles Perrault and later re-adapted by the Brothers Grimm.

Sleeping Beauty storybook

The Sleeping Beauty storybook.

Basic overview

During a royal party, a wicked fairy curses a baby princess to die on her 15th birthday. Once the day arrived, she fell into a deep slumber. Only a prince would break her hundred year sleep with a tender kiss.

Shrek characters based on the fairytale


Despite Fairy Godmother saying ”no ogres,” when checking this book in Shrek 2, there actually IS an ogre in Charles Perrault‘s version (The Ogress Queen Mother). It is possible that this is the Brothers Grimm version, however, if this is true, then the Godmother could have the second part of it (The Evil Mother-in-Law) somewhere in her library.

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