Sleeping Ugly

 General Information
Pages 64
Genre Children's Book
 Production Information
Published May 1, 2004
Author Howie Dewin
Editor Unknown
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
N/A Sleeping Ugly Snowgre

Sleeping Ugly is the first book in the "Shrek Tales" series. It was intended to showcase smaller adventures with the cast of Shrek before and/or after the events of Shrek 2.


Shrek has a problem, the local fairy tale children won't leave him alone-and they're driving him crazy! What's an ogre to do? Not to worry, Donkey has a plan: read the kids a story. Shrek agrees, but only if he can tell the story his way. This is the story of Sleeping Ugly-she's not an average princess but then this isn't an average fairy tale. This is a "Shrek" Tale.

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