Shrek's Swamp (Shrek Forever After)

The swamp, seen in Shrek Forever After.

Shrek's swamp is the residence of Shrek, Princess Fiona, and their children and the main location of the movie franchise.


We first see the swamp in the opening scene of the first Shrek movie. Over this scene is the iconic Shrek song "All Star" by Smash Mouth. It has a wooden outhouse with a moon silhouette cut out of the front door. There is a path to his house where he likes to tend to his weeds. His house is what appears to be a large tree stump that is raised from the ground. The tree is covered with mold and grass. The tree stump is raised and we can see the tree roots underneath, this stump was presumably raised from erosion of the ground which carried the soil away and lowered the ground level, giving the impression that the tree is off the ground. Shrek's swamp was originally owned by Lord Farquaad as it fell within the borders of his kingdom. He evicted all the fairytale creatures and they sook shelter in Shrek's swamp. Shrek gained ownership of it after agreeing to retrieve Fiona and in return would get his swamp back. He achieves his goal and so regains ownership of his beloved swamp. When he rescues Fiona he has a shift in his feelings and falls in love with Fiona but he still hands her in for his swamp. He invades the royal wedding and takes Fiona back. She accepts his hand in marriage and they earned their happily ever after. He allows the fairytale creatures back in with him but keeps full ownership of his real estate.


The Swamp House is a giant tree that contains two rooms. Upon entrance, there's the main room, which functions as both a kitchen and dining room. There is also a bed for the Ogre Triplets. And the west of the main room is Shrek and Fiona's bedroom. In Rumpelstiltskin’s universe there is no furniture in the house because it is just an empty tree stump with no doors or windows carved into it and the marshes surrounding have completely dried up. Outside, he has an ogre mud bath where he can relax and play with his children.


Shrek makes a sign that originally says "Beware Ogre" with a painting of his face in the middle. When Fiona marries him, a red "S" and a painting of her ogre face are added to the sign along with Fergus, Farkle and Alicia, it now says, "Beware Ogres".






  • Shrek put up a sign in front of the Swamp saying to Keep Out. It has a painting of Shrek on it. In each film Shrek usually attaches a new painting on the sign as an upgrade. In Shrek 2, he painted Fiona and put her on the sign. In Shrek Forever After, he paints the Ogre Triplets and put them on the sign.
  • In the Shrek video game for Xbox, Shrek's Swamp is the only stage to originate from the film itself.
  • A real life version of Shrek's house can be found in Universal Studios, Singapore. It will also appear in Universal Studio's Florida in Summer 2024 as part of DreamWorks Land.