Swamp Talk with Shrek & Donkey was a web series on the DreamWorksTV channel on YouTube. The format was similar to that of a weekly talk show, featuring the dynamic duo talking about trends, gossip, and other fun topics. 

The series aired from 2015 to 2016, with no recent videos after the latter year. In total, there are 49 videos.

Being a smaller web show, the series doesn't have much of a reception. Although the comment sections can be a hint that they were fairly positive. However this could be because of popular memes giving these videos more attention.

Character Subjects (referenced by first mention/appearance)

  • Headless Horseman ("Laugh Your Head off")
  • Three Blind Mice ("Shrek Reacts to 3 Blind Mice", "Triple Threat Music Review", "Most Unbelievable Art Ever")
  • Dragon ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples")
  • Rumpelstiltskin ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Freaky Fairytale Mashup")
  • Tinkerbell ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples")
  • Robin Hood ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Shronkey Slang"/"Swamp Slang", "Robin Hood: Good Or Evil?")
  • Little Red Riding Hood ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Big Bad Wolf Retires?")
  • Lancelot ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples")
  • Rapunzel ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples")
  • Cinderella ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Team Cinderella or Team Snow White?")
  • Pied Piper ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Most Wanted?")
  • Goldilocks ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples")
  • Humpty Dumpty ("Celebrity Fairytale Couples", "Gingerbread Man vs. Humpty Dumpty", "Freaky Fairytale Mashup")
  • Gingy ("Gingerbread Man vs. Humpty Dumpty")
  • Three Little Pigs ("Swamp Recipes", "Triple Threat Music Review", "Most Unbelievable Art Ever", "Crafty Donkey")
  • Little Boy Blue ("Swamp Recipes")
  • Unicorns ("Donkey's Unicorn Secret")
  • Puss in Boots ("Is Puss in Boots Dead?!")
  • Pinocchio ("Cloudy with a Chance of Stink", "Shronkey Slang"/"Swamp Slang", "Juicy Fairytale Gossip", "Shrek's 2016 Presidential Endorsement")
  • Three Bears ("Triple Threat Music Review")
  • Hansel & Gretel Witch/Susan ("Which Witch's 'Which is Which","Who Kindapped Hansel And Gretel?")
  • Big Bad Wolf ("Most Wanted?", "Shrek's Hiccup Cure", "Big Bad Wolf Retires?", "Crafty Donkey", "Shrek's 2016 Presidential Endorsement")
  • Evil Queen ("Shrek's Hiccup Cure", "Poison Apple Pie")
  • Bo Peep ("Shronkey Slang"/"Swamp Slang", "Why You Shouldn't Share Your Room")
  • Captain Hook ("Captain Hook No More", "What Was Captain Hook's Name Before The Hook?")
  • Prince Charming ("Team Cinderella or Team Snow White?", "Who's the Charmingest Of Them All?", "Shrek's 2016 Presidential Endorsement")
  • Snow White ("Team Cinderella or Team Snow White?", "Freaky Fairytale Mashup"
  • The Wicked Witch of the West ("What Happened To The Witch?", "Crafty Donkey")
  • Little Miss Muffet ("Juicy Fairytale Gossip")
  • The Spider ("Juicy Fairytale Gossip")
  • Hansel and Gretel ("Who Kindapped Hansel And Gretel?")
  • Peter Pan ("What Was Captain Hook's Name Before The Hook?")
  • Doris ("Princess Quiz")
  • The Seven Dwarfs ("Why You Shouldn't Share Your Room")
  • Fairy Godmother ("Shrek's 2016 Presidential Endorsement", "Freaky Fairytale Mashup")
  • Donkey Senior ("Donkey's Awkward Family Photos")
  • Great-Great Grampy Don-Don ("Donkey's Awkward Family Photos")
  • Ruthie ("Donkey's Awkward Family Photos")
  • Chicken Little ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • Mother Goose ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • Sleeping Beauty ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • The Phoenix ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • The Ugly Duckling ("Angry Birds in Far Far Away")
  • Trolls ("Trolls Write Mean Comments")
  • Poison Apple Witch ("Donkey Tries the New Apple")
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