Sweetsville is a pretty dreary place
The Sweetsville Industrial Park is a location in Duloc Hills, and appears in both Shrek on X-Box and Shrek Extra Large


An area home to the Gingerbread Man and other sweet creatures, the park has seen better days. The factory has seen a major decline once all the machinery broke down. Even worse, gambling had been going on with a boxer named Frankendrop. It's up to Shrek to help Sweetsville not only get the production back in order, but make sure no one terrorizes the workers. 

In Extra Large, Sweetsville had seen a decline in chocolate sales once the Wicked Ice Queen took over. Causing all of the pipes and machinery to freeze and create insane pressure. Otherwise, the tasks remain unchanged.


  • The aesthetics of the Industrial Park resemble that of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory from the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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