The Bride of Gingy is a story told by Gingy in the Halloween special, Scared Shrekless.

It is a parody of the 1935 horror film Bride of Frankenstein.



It begins when Gingy goes to the Muffin Man's house, telling him he got kicked out by his girlfriend. He talks to the muffin man, and says he needs a new woman, so the muffin man goes through various gingerbread woman templates, until he chooses his dream one. They get to work making the 'bride,' and Gingy adds too much sugar because he says the girl needs to be sweet. The muffin man is concerned but bakes the bride, Sugar, anyway, and she comes to life soon after, saying that she was made for Gingy, literally.

Bride of gingy

Gingy looking over his newly-created bride.

There are then various shots of them together, until it comes to a shot of them in Gingy's house, and Sugar starts saying about how much she loves him, but eventually she bores Gingy, and he decides to go out. She follow him, so Gingy quickly hides his gumdrop buttons and tells her he left them in the house, and so she goes to fetch them. Gingy quickly runs, until he is stopped by Sugar, they appear to be in the Muffin Man's house again. She thinks Gingy doesn't love her, and tries to make him change his mind. They then end up dangling of a small plank of wood, were the bride tries to get Gingy to let go, but he kicks her off, and she falls into a large pot of Gingerbread mixture being whisked. Gingy heads home, not realizing that thousands of clones are being created.

At home, Gingy is watching TV, when he hears the walls of his house being banged on and goes to investigate. He finds a rather zombie-looking Sugar waiting at his door, murmuring "Together forever...". Suddenly, more of them appear through the windows; eventually, Gingy is eaten by them. This obviously is a made-up story, even though he said it was true at the start, since Gingy is still alive in Scared Shrekless.


  • The story reveals the secrets of how the Muffin Man is able to bring sentient sweets to life. Using a combination of meteorology, alchemy, and other basic sciences; a combination similar to the creation of Victor Frankenstein's Monster.
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