The Crown Prince, also known as Prince Charming, is a character appearing in Shrek Extra Large.


A rather rude ruler, the Crown Prince was running a normal castle establishment. Until he called his former wizard, Merlin, an idiot. This caused him to leave, and when the Blue Dragon came about, there was no one to stop him. Soon the castle was raided, and everything went to shambles. Thankfully, Shrek arrived to settle the issues, and after a good talk with the princess, he became a friendly prince. With a change of heart, he hires Shrek to lock up an abusive keeper, free framed prisoners, and help the jesters entertain the prince. Once everything is back in order, he tells Shrek to go to the Blue Dragon and lure him away from the summer castle.


  • In the X-Box game, he was named Prince Charming; not to be confused with the one from Shrek 2.
    • The reasons for the name change in the GameCube version are unknown.
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