The Gruff Brothers are characters who appeared in the Shrek 2 video game. They are NPCs in the trail to Jack & Jill's farm, where they are being attacked by trolls.


As stated above, they are characters that need to be rescued while Shrek and the gang are heading to Jack & Jill's farm. However, each goat has a different reaction and need of rescue. The first Gruff, William, tells the heroes about himself and informs them of his brothers who are being harassed by evil characters. The second brother (unnamed) is saved and is escorted through a bridge where the third brother is being trapped. A troll had gotten a hold of the goat and is about to saw him in half. Thankfully, the gang arrives to save the poor billy goat. After the level's completion, they are never seen again.


  • The brothers are based on characters from the fairytale "Three Billy Goats Gruff".
    Bill Gruff

    The second Gruff

    Last Gruff

    The third Gruff being held captive by a troll

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